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How to Create the Perfect Furniture Layout stellar floor plans

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How to Create the Perfect Furniture Layout stellar floor plans

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Some rooms are just built better than others—with stellar floor plans that lend themselves to wonderful flow,
but there are also subtle changes in furniture placement that can make an existing room that much better.
It all boils down to the layout. Caitlin Laskey, a preservation specialist and designer with a keen eye for spacial awareness,
knows how to create a layout that makes every room in the house work just a little harder.
Ahead, discover five layout tips to keep in mind while you arrange your furniture.

Study Window, Door, and Vent Placement
Just because you’ve been in love with a certain layout doesn’t mean it’ll be the best one

for your space—considering where your room’s basic foundational elements (like outlets, vents, windows, and doors) actually fall.

So before you decide where all your furniture is going to go, make sure you’ve really studied the room itself.

“For doors, take into account whether it swings in to the room or out, and whether you think you’ll have it open all the time,

or will want to close it often,” Laskey advises. If a door is inhibiting flow or making a room feel closed-off,

you might even find it easier to take it off the hinges.

“With windows, consider how much light they provide and whether you’ll want to be near that light for something like reading,

” says Laskey, “or whether the window will cause any glares on a TV.

There are solutions to these issues if you don’t have much choice for a certain piece of furniture—such as a large sectional—but

thinking about whether the window creates a glare or draft when you’re watching TV will help you decide

on the best location for seating and if curtains are a must.”

And now for working around common eyesores:

“You will also want to be similarly mindful of heating and cooling elements,

whether you have radiators, floor vents, or window units,” Laskey explains. ”

You don’t want your sofa ending up right in front of a blasting air conditioner in the summer.”

Generally speaking, Lakey says, “people are uncomfortable having their backs to the entry of a room,”

so don’t set up a sofa with the doorway behind it. C

onsider how the room will be used and how furniture placement can facilitate that:

“Think about an area of focus, whether it’s to have conversation with guests, to watch movies with a partner or kids,

or to lounge around with a good book. With a focus in mind,

it’s easier to hone in on what works and what won’t for that particular goal.” ออกแบบบ้าน