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10 Years Later, ‘Limitless’ Remains a Galaxy-Brain Classic

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10 Years Later, ‘Limitless’ Remains a Galaxy-Brain Classic

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In the early months of 2011, as the Obama administration’s massive bailouts to the financial industry were sparking into action the legions of disaffected

Americans who would participate in the Occupy Wall Street movement later the same year, movie posters with galaxy-brain taglines appeared throughout the New York City subway.

“Everything is possible… when you open your mind.” Or, more directly:

“What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?” These posters heralded the arrival of a movie the moment demanded. That movie was Limitless.

The drunk-frat-bro premise, combined with the goofy, awards-show star power of Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, suggested this film could secure a place in the Good-Bad Movie Canon almost immediately. And boy, did it deliver.

Not only did Limitless unleash the instantaneous dopamine rush of hearing Bradley Cooper deliver syntactically and semantically dubious lines like, “For a guy with a four-digit IQ, I must have missed something,” Neil Burger directs like he’s always wanted to be a David Fincher knockoff.

In its own strange way, Limitless achieved something akin to Fight Club’s pop culture status.

It has proven a bizarrely persistent ideal of an achievable reality for a surprising number of actual grown human beings.

Like, some people out there genuinely believe there’s a way to use 100% of your brain—as long as you take the right drug (they’re called nootropics) or develop the perfect sleep routine or drink coffee in a novel way or don’t jerk off for six-month stretches.

Limitless gave voice to a nascent group of biohackers, those reinventors of American self-help principles who would have outsize influence on the Silicon Valley overlords ruling us today.

It was co-opted by the self-help industry. It inspired internet writers to try the “real” version of the drug, because so many people search Google for “limitless drug” or “limitless drug real”

that a media company could make ad dollars off the page views. In fact,

if you search the name of the movie drug that unlocks super brain powers (“NZT-48”),

you’ll find a list of supplements claiming to do the same thing. There’s Limitless YouTube. Limitless Reddit.

As a cultural artifact of early 2010s America, it’s invaluable. Its reach has become… limit-free. ดูหนังออนไลน์